Tuesday, August 10, 2010


 for my best friend, who cheerful, kind smart, and beautiful! :))

i write this post while i'm crying :'(
how do you feel, when some one you know as BEST FRIEND,
she doesn't treat us as her best friend?

while ago, i read her notes for her best friend
the story from they know each other
until now, they separate in different city
i am envy!

maybe, i am wrong
make little something to big problem
but, i'm a woman have a sensitve of feeling

other story :

i have 2 best friend as an outstanding students
sometime even often i am not confident between them
they can play piano excellently, but me? i just can play a guitar, enough.
their English Language is excellent for me, and i just a little part of them
until now, my feeling is never lost from my mind hhhmmmm..
but i'm really proud of them :)
she will be a succesful doctor,
and other now live @ US as long as 1 year (Youth Exchange and Study)
 miss you guys!


Dorothy Souhuwat said...

makna post kamu daleeemm banget...

ehhh,,liburan aja ke bali..pasti seruuuu

niisa said...

iya pas nulis lagi sesuai suasana hati yang lagi gak enak .
boleh dicoba tuh, nanti kalo libur semester :)
terakhir ke sana sd hahaha :D