Sunday, August 22, 2010

Orientation Of College Student

i'm a new college student of Multimedia Nusantara University
major Desain Communication Visual (DKV)

and at the beginning i have to join on orienatation
from 1230 students divide in to 56 groups
and i've got in group 1 with 22 students from other major

Ita, Mer, Caca, Angel, Prisil, ME

our PIC:
Martha Mellisa (Communication 2009)

we've got assignment to make a PHOTO ESSAY.
and we take 3 part of UMN,
there are building of UMN, library and canteen

Aulia, Adi, Aldi

group 1 (Tarakan)
Black: Desain Communication Visual
Orange: Information System, Computer System, Information Technology
Yellow: Communication
Grey: Management, Accountant

i hope, we get on together in 4 days, make friendship forever :)


Jimmy Yulius Kokong said...

how a great campus ^_^

niisa said...

thank you :))

ANNIE said...

hey visiting you from luchie's site =) you have such a cute blog!

niisa said...

thank you annie ;)