Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Master Ceremony

hello it's my first time to be a MC :)
waw, i really shocked when my friend, Wisnu come to my house.
and he asked me to be MC on "Perayaan HUT RI ke 65 " and "Menyambut Datangnya Bulan Ramadhan"
hhmmm i found time to refuse, but finally i accept his request.
because i think opportunity does not come 2 times.

and you know?
he come to my house at 11.30 am and the schedule  begin at 19.30 pm
i don't have preparation
plus a moment before i don't have experience to be a MC, yeah GOOD JOB!

with "ketua RW 06" when
take lottery (Door Prize)

my dad and my mom say,"good even less you don't have preparation, 
you must learn more to be a good MC"

thank you so much,
♥ you so much! :*

and i found something uniquely,
yapp! the license plat of this motorcycle, is my name N 1 SA

and they are Standing Committee,
 thank you guys, for your cooperation :)

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